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Malting Barley

Malting Barley
CDC Copeland


• “Recommended” status from the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre

• 16% higher yield than Harrington, 2% higher yield than Manley (1996 – 1998 Coop Trials)

• 3 days earlier maturing than Manley (1 day later than Harrington)

• Moderate resistance to net blotch (similar to Manley)

• Better stem rust resistance than Manley and Harrington

• Much stronger straw than Harrington, slightly stronger straw than Manley

• Higher test weight and plumper kernels than Manley, kernel plumpness similar to Harrington

• Much lower beta-glucan than Harrington and Manley

• Excellent malting quality

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Fusarium Graminearum: 


Class: Certified seed.

Price: Call for pricing, discounts available.

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